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A cost-effective investment


Are you considering renovating your machine? CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, multi-cutter, manual machines - we do retrofit on most brands on the market. We offer complete or partial renovation at a very favorable price where the work, depending on the scope, can be carried out in one of our service workshops or on site.

A complete renovation of your machine includes:

  • Status assessment, test drive and control

  • Dismantling and washing of machine components

  • Prisms are ground / milled / scraped

  • Table planed

  • Gearboxes are renovated with new bearings, bushings and components replaced if necessary

  • Spindle motor and feed motor are checked or renovated

  • Trapezoidal screws and nuts or ball screws are replaced or renovated

  • Replacement of all wipers and necessary drive belts.

  • Dismantling and review of spider housing

  • Lubrication systems or hydraulic systems are being renovated

  • Repaint with two-component paint

  • Measurement and adjustment of taps, wedges, etc.

  • Electricity is replaced or modernized

  • Installation of work lighting if necessary

  • Installation of automatic tool locking pneumatic / hydraulic (Accessories)

  • Sample processing and measurement Measurement according to protocol for new machine

  • Documentation of measurement protocols is attached upon delivery

  • Careful inspection of the entire machine so that no part escapes inspection

  • On CNC machines, old control systems are replaced / updated if desired

Upgrading control systems

Do you have a machine that mechanically works well but has an outdated control system? Then it is appropriate, and cost-effective to update the machine with a new control system.


We arrange this exchange for you - Your faithful servant gets a new life and you get more processing opportunities. Today's modern control systems from e.g. Heidenhain, Siemens and Fanuc include more machining cycles, features that streamline the machining process and are easy to program.

When changing control systems, we of course also have a service for training your staff so that you can use the system's full capacity.

It is also possible to combine your control system replacement with service, complete or partial renovation to ensure that the mechanical continues to work for as long as the new control system.

Done 2016-2020

Examples of refurbished machines
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