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Your comprehensive machine manufacturer for reliable, accurate production - year after year.

Machine tools you can trust

SMT Machine is a Swedish industrial company with roots from the industrial revolution. We have been involved in developing Swedish and Western industry since the start in 1856, and we intend to continue to do so.

Our focus throughout is, and remains, advanced production equipment so that you as a customer can trust that your production keeps pace.

Through reliability, maximum chip removal to the highest precision and first-class service & support, we continue to support industries worldwide.

SMT Machine with its Swedturn system delivers reliability to Swedish industry


When the machine is still running after 25 years - then we know we have succeeded.

Logga-_SMT SwedTurn svart liggande.png

A reliable modular turning system

SwedTurn is a modular turning system, built on our basic machines. The machines are designed and developed to achieve high demands from Swedish industry regarding efficiency, high precision and stability. All products are delivered operator-friendly, for easy adjustment, accessibility to the workpiece and with regard to smooth service.

Machine program


Köping's Mechanical Workshop is founded by Otto Hallström for the manufacture & repair of agricultural machinery, which was soon expanded with machinery & mechanical products that Sweden is in need of for industrialization. The brand name was "KÖPING".


The company is acquired by AB Volvo. At Köping's mechanical workshop, Volvo produced gearboxes and rear axles for cars and trucks, as well as the machines that Volvo needed in its own production.



In the 1960s, Volvo decided to stop its own production of machine tools. The machine tool manufacturing was sold to the Swedish state and became part of the conglomerate Statsföretag, which was strongly linked to Sweden's defense industry at the time.



The company presents its first numerically controlled lathe and begins the journey towards a high-tech company.


SMT launches its first CNC control, ie. a control system where block preparation, logic and interpolators are implemented in a software running on a microprocessor.


After several different owners and mergers, SMT's Swedturn division (Lathes) was sold to the owners of STOREBRO Machine Tools, who are also tool machine manufacturers.



SMT Machine moves from Västerås to Köping near where the company was started from the beginning.


SMT Machine gathers together with STOREBRO Machine Tools & SMT Milling Machines under the umbrella Swedish Machine Tool Company AB

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