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Customized, Swedish-made machine tools for optimized production.

Custom CNC lathes & Deep Hole Drilling

Storebro Machine Tools - Today SMT Storebro, are Swedish-made CNC lathes and Deep hole drilling machines. With cutting-edge expertise in cutting machining, our mission is to deliver profitable, customized production machines.
The STOREBRO brand stands for quality, precision & durability. We build machines on our well-proven basic construction and use materials of the highest quality so that your machine investment will retain its properties for many profitable years.

A STOREBRO machine in your workshop gives you profitable results & satisfied customers


Swedish industry trusts its Storebro lathe. Machines from the 80s still deliver parts.


Optimize your production with a Storebro lathe

In the basic version, all seven machine types are reliable. We start from well-thought-out and well-proven basic constructions on beds and sliding structures. By using only the highest quality materials, we know that the machine remains competitive and maintains its high precision year after year. For all machine models, we have customer adaptations to optimize your machine for your production.

Machine program


A history in Swedish industry

STOREBRO has since 1910 developed and manufactured lathes - and now in the 20's we merge with SMT and SMT-Milling Machines and form the Swedish Machine Tool Company in order to remain competitive and do what we are best at - delivering reliable production machines to industries worldwide.


On December 9, 1728, Wilhelm Mauritz Pauli, Karl Magnus Silfverhielm and Gustaf Oxenstierna were granted permission to erect a bar iron hammer with two hearths. This was the beginning of "STOREBRO Mill".


The company developed gradually during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries by adding new lines of business. At the beginning of the 20th century, the business included a foundry, mechanical workshop, sulphite factory and distillery.



STOREBRO Mill begins to manufacture lathes for metalworking. The business got a big boost during the First World War when lathes for the production of grenades and projectiles were mass-produced.



The business is divided into two companies; one for machine tools & one for the boat business, which is sold to Via Mare in the same crank. The new engineering machine company will be named "STOREBRO Machine Tools AB".


Storebro Machine Tools is acquired by the current owner and relocated to Varberg, where the business is still conducted.


Expansion of machine hall in Varberg to enable series production of STOREBRO CNC lathes.



SMT Machine will be a sister company to Storebro Machine Tools and the two Swedish machine manufacturers can begin to streamline production through their respective special areas.


Storebro Machine Tools gathers together with SMT Swedturn & SMT-Fräsmaskiner under the umbrella Swedish Machine Tool Company AB to streamline the construction of Swedish-made production machines.

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