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Improve the performance of your machine


Measurement & Alignment
Measurement reflects the condition of your machine and the measurement result shows what improvements are required to increase performance and productivity. Alignment of the machine should preferably be done regularly, especially if the ground on which the workshop is built is unstable.


We at Swedish Machine Tool Company have the expertise and equipment to ensure accurate measurement results. A correctly performed measurement result reflects the condition of your machine.

After the measurement, we present a measurement result where we can read what improvements such as software, adjustments and repairs the machine is in need of - to increase the performance and productivity of your machine.


We offer the following measurements

  • Geometric measurements

  • Positioning and repeating accuracy

  • Measurement of traction in spiders

  • Measurement of chuck force


All surfaces move, but depending on how thick the base is, it moves differently. To maintain the precision of your machine, aligning the machine is an effective way to ensure accurate production.

Depending on what your situation looks like, alignment is more or less rarely required.


Heavy machinery (over 10 tonnes) on unstable surfaces = Every 3 - 5 years


Lighter machines (under 10 tons) = Less often.

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