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Spare parts
We have a large spare parts warehouse with standard components for most brands. Our warehouse includes spare parts and components for both new and older machines. We deliver in the fastest possible way, all so as not to create unnecessary downtime in your production.

Authorized brands



  • SMT Swedturn

  • Dugard


  • Samsung

  • Eumach

  • Huron

  • Pedersen

  • Leadwell

  • FMB

  • Serrmac

Spare parts

to older machines

For older machines such as Storebro (name), SMT Swedturn (model name), most are in stock, what is not available can usually be remanufactured. When ordering parts, always state the machine's serial number and article number of the parts you want to order.


We have a very wide selection of the most common accessories for the workshop or machine from well-known suppliers:

  • Magnetic rods for collecting metal shavings

  • Traction pins

  • Coal screw

  • Digits

  • Touch probe

  • Lubrication valves

  • Power tools

  • Thread arm

  • Ball bearings

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