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A fresh start with experience

About us

SMT, Swedish Machine Tool Company AB, emerged from a major change effort during the autumn of 2020. The machine manufacturers SMT-Swedturn, Storebro Machine Tools and SMT-Fräsmaskiner then became brands under the wings of Swedish Machine Tool Company. The goal of merging and centralizing resources is to once again become a significant machine tool manufacturer in Sweden and in the world. The coordination provides synergies whose purpose is to streamline production and the aftermarket for machine tools, all based in Sweden. SMT milling machines under the leadership of Johnny Prydz have their primary focus on milling machines and milling machine related technology. At the same time, Johnny Prydz is responsible for coordinating the various SMT companies' offerings to the local European market, as well as to the international market.


The new production site is located in Främmestad, one hour outside Gothenburg. With 4,000 square meters of machine assembly, showroom, service and support, this will be the new head office for the business. Existing workshops in Varberg and Köping will continue to produce parts for the machines and be sales and service offices. A service and sales office will also be opened in Valdermarsvik.

4000 sqm assembly hall and showroom

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