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Milling machines with a unique construction, which makes it possible to work in one and the same clamping both vertically and horizontally

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A construction that after 80 years is still outstanding.

SMT SwedMill deliver milling machines to the world's industries - large and small.

SMT, with its long experience as a machine manufacturer & machine dealer, has established successful long-term business relationships through quality products, first-class support in the aftermarket and advantageous service agreements.

SMT SwedMill are led by Johnny Prydz, where a merger with the machine manufacturers SMT Machine & Storebro Machine Tools once again enables the production of milling machines in Sweden.

A well-proven production machine

Milling machines from SMT with their unique construction make it possible to machine both vertically and horizontally in one and the same clamping. It is a construction that has been used for more than 80 years and is still unsurpassed. Choose between manual / Teach-In and CNC-controlled models.

SMT SwedMill machine program

With thousands of milling machines sold with a strong connection to Sweden's industrial history.



Milling machine manufactured by SMT in the 1970s.

SMT has a long tradition of manufacturing milling machines, drilling plants and multi-operation machines. These machines have been mass-produced by companies within SMT with names known and respected in workshop circles such as VÄRNAMO, KÖPING, and SWEDMATIC. All SMT´'s products are known for their expediency, reliability, power and not least their extraordinarily long economic life.



2020 Johnny Prydz starts together with specialists in milling technology a division for the manufacture of milling machines within today's SMT Group. The milling machine division is called SMT SwedMill.

Disclaimer / clarification: The brand "ABENE" has been owned since September 2020 by Verktygsmaskiner i Ulricehamn AB, (VMU), VMU has no connections to Swedish Machine Tool Company AB (SMT). In the event that the trademark "ABENE" is referred to by us, it is done to either describe facts or historical processes.

SMT acts only under its own name and brand and thus has no interest in being confused with other players in the market for machine tools. This is a natural part of our way of working in society and is part of our quest to be relevant because of our own merits.

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