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Swedish manufacturing, reliable constructions & high precision
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SMT are universal milling machines with a unique construction that makes it possible to machine both vertically and horizontally in one and the same clamping.

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SMT SWEDTURN are CNC lathes developed for production that place high demands on precision. A modular machine program that can be adapted as needed.


SMT STOREBRO are reliable CNC lathes with a stable construction which, with automation, is an efficient production machine for complex parts.   

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SMT is agent for following brands in Sweden
With its innovative concept for optimization
deep hole drilling,
standard drilling and milling, CHETO is an obvious choice to increase the production rate.
Leadwell blå.png
Leadwell are reliable and affordable machines in the middle class. With a broad and well-thought-out program, they meet the market's needs in cutting processing.
Ziersch is a German machine manufacturer of grinding machines where the focus is on quality, precision and service life.
HACO is a Polish / Belgian manufacturer of TUR lathes. With a wide range of different designs for work areas, both traditional flatbed and slanted bed models are manufactured.
ERMAKSAN manufactures machines for sheet metal processing; fiber laser, plasma, press brakes and cutting machines. Since 1950, they have been delivering precise clips.
Service & maintenance

We have built up a team of experienced service technicians who cover everything from machine service, spare parts to programming assistance. With our long experience of serving machine tools, we help you both on-site and remotely - so that you can get started as quickly as possible for a trouble-free production.

Spare parts

We have a large spare parts warehouse with standard components for most brands. It includes spare parts and components for both new and older machines - We always prioritize spare parts orders, so there is no unnecessary downtime in your production.


CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, multi-operation machines, manual machines - We do renovations of many machine tool brands on the market. We offer complete or partial renovation at favorable prices where the work, depending on the scope, can be carried out in one of our service workshops or on site.

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